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Let's talk Transportation and New Years Destination

Dear all my lovely Webtrotters (<-- is that spelled as one word?),
I apologize for my two day absence, I have been sick for the last couple days but am now an automobile on a one way street to recovery. Due to the doctors decisions I am not  allowed anywhere near the exposed nature.. so there's not much I can do which includes a camera it's end result. Anyways, I have a lot planned for New Years Eve... a pair of Alaia wedges and a circus themed ball will do good for such an exceptionally rousing event. I greatly thank you all for your delightful support all my readers granted me after my very first post... I really feel so honored :). Feel free to comment and include all the links to your blogs and I'll add em right to my side bar. Since I don't have picture possibilities ATM which is making me feel kinda MIA, I will make my so called 'minor comeback' quite invincible. Give me two days and I'll be all over the 'publish post' button. Have an AMAZINGGG New Years Party.
       Much Affection,


Christmas Lights and Faux Fur

Well, well, well what have we here? This is most probably the most sensational quotation ever created... despite the fact that I am not quite sure who the author of this saying is, I have decided to get this tattooed behind my ear. I do apologize for the failed introduction. My name is Sophie and I kindly welcome you to my one and only Fashion Blog. Since this is my first post, there's not much to see but in the future there will be more then enough .I would describe my style as a mirror image of London's Browns Focus or if this is an unknown location for you, lets just go by the two word phrase 'sui generis'... if you must, the word unique works too. I am not here to set trends or to become a top fashion blogger, I am here to inspire individuals and portray that even the simplest piece of clothing can look incredible. Anywho.. enjoy my blog... actually no, FALL IN LOVE WITH LACE SOCKS. Oh and comment loads :).
        Much Affection,