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Dear my Dearest,
As always, I apologize for not posting anything in a while but I just haven't gotten to really take any decent pictures of my outfits.Anyways... I was walking up the shopping ally... walking past Chanel and Bottega and then Louis Vuitton... for some reason I decided to check the windows quickly and I saw something that would complete me... the mirror silver speedy, I was sooo overjoyed. That was most probably the only time I would rather be in a 'expensive' store rather then watching Judge Judy on ITV. AHHHHH, even the flashbacks that occur hit me off the chair. I had been wanting that bag since it first came out in I think it was 2007/2008 and BAM I was about to full-fill my dreams. I ran in, didn't even ask for the price, I simply said: I would like this one, pointing to the one in the showcase. I walked out the store with a smile Ralph Lauren would call XXXL. My life was complete...Ill take a pic of it a post it on my next post :D. Anywho I hope you all had a GRAND new years! I took some pics but they didnt really come out like anything... I was wearing this black Alexander McQueen dress with loads of strings hanging from it (I guess I looked a bit like a black tree or something) with some gorg Alaia wedges.. Ill get a picture of those too. Make 2011 your most invincible year ever and make sure that you buy whatever you desire (unless its that one sequin Balmain dress for $12,000). Thank you for all the support and don't stop following me till you see a picture of what my outfits are like... then decide whether you like my blog or not... for now just stay on the 'like' button :).
      Much Affection,


  1. FANTASTIC!! following you all the way!

  2. i love that little story, cheered my day right up

    esther xx