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Oh My Saturday

Jesus, I love British accents- thought that would be a good way to start off a new post. I believe a weekend in London was a complete necessity last weekend. School's being such a bitch, keeping me barley alive. Anyways, above are some random snaps from London as well as old pictures I found on a abandoned camera that was loaded with images from my easter holiday last year in Morocco. Ohh I miss the smell of that one Harajuku Lovers perfume I pounded my body with... mmm. Today was great, all girls need some time with their girls.. a little bit of shopping, a little bit of eating, a little bit of stalking, a little bit acting. Again, I do apologize with all my heart that I haven't posted in a verryy long time but theres soo many other things going on, this mainly included unnecessary homework. As mentioned before, London last weekend did complete me... the essence of the unwashed Topshop clothes, the huge SALE banners, Vivienne Westwood bits and pieces and of course some hundred sequin bras... a chick needs her glitter and her bra.. why not combine the two. Ohh I think you should know that Cruel Intentions is the most 'intense' movie ever created.. yee a bit out of the blue but you know. To end this baby I just want to point out that I have had enough of the uncalled for winter.. let's get a move on Spring! Notice I did not capitalize winter since it is an irrelevant season in which you can't leave the house without a massive [faux or fox, whichever you prefer] fur ball on.. 
     Much Affection,


  1. Your blog amazes me!

  2. uhm... I just fell in love with that little pilot jacket. Do you have any clue where it's from? I want it. NOW.

    PS: I also love the colorful chairs!!! is it Morocco?


  3. Thanks Katherina!!

    I commented on ur blog with all the info about the jacket :))
    Love your blog!


  4. love these photos. ahh I want to go to London!


  5. Thanks Samantha! :))
    London is wonderful!


  6. wooow !
    amazing blog ; ) interesting post!

    if U want follow me and write comment ;* xoxo

  7. such amazing inspirations!!!

  8. amazing blog :)

  9. Great photos, sounds like you had an intense time in London. And I agree, we need some Spring in the air ):

  10. i love all of these :D
    great blog