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Yesterday my friend asked me whether I think fashion selfish in a world where many people have not got what they need... It took me a while to think of the right answer but in the end I thought of no. Fashion isn't supposed to be about showing off or aiming for the goal of making others jealous, it's supposed to interpret who you are (after all, you are what you wear). If you have the possibility to dress in exceedingly high fashion, then go for it.. no one is going to stop you from wearing what you want. Fashion is a way of representing your personality and your thoughts. I love fashion, and either way, when you say fashion as a term, you basically mean clothing in general since even for example farmers possess their own style. So no, fashion is not selfish!
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  1. Fabulous. I agree, fashion is everywhere. even the supermarket uniform is fashion.. wish they wud sell that :p btw great shoes!

  2. Fashion or buying clothes is just like any other hobby. People collect cars and aircraft...those cost MUCH more than a Chanel Haute Couture gown. All these pics are so cool and whitty, I love! I actually saw the second pic off Deviantart was wanted to blog about it too haha

  3. that is so true!! I completely agree with you!

  4. what a great inspiration!! And I absolutely agree with you :)

    very cool blog!!


  5. great pictures great post
    love your answer

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