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Andy Warhol used to always say: An artist is somebody who produces things that people don't need to have. That quote is pure brilliance... I mean, he also said that people never die, they just go to department stores.. but that's not really what I'm aiming for. I see my self as an artist, yet I do not create pictures, I find them and create an organized collage... a board of inspiration.. but like A.W. said... people don't really need it, well some do but yet there are so many of these inspiration blogs all over the place that this one is most probably not needed.. or is it? Anyways.. I'm watching the news right now... why are there so many horrible people in the world? They do such unnecessarily activities that simply harm themselves but worse, harm hundreds of others around them. I remember the first time I watched 'Remember Me'.. it was a movie of excellence. It portrayed in complete clearness that everyone is an individual and everyone means something to someone and then suddenly they are just gone because some idiots have decided to bomb a plane. I wish people could just hear and see the pain people suffer... why wont they understand. Sorry, I'm just so buffed about that young lady who was shot in the head in Arizona for absolute no reason. But even the most horrible people living on this planet can be an inspiration. Maybe they feel anger, the color of red best represents that. So you take a casual red sweater and pair it up with some out-of-this-world miu miu silk shorts and bam you got yourself a meaningful outfit... or if that doesn't work, just take a color, look at an A.W. painting and pair it up the the exact colors he used... you'll be sure to stand out :D
Sooo.. back to positivity (i love that song)... isn't it strange that fashion hasn't really changed in the past 10 years... it's as if the designers are completely out of ideas. Above look at the pictures of 2007 till now... hardly a difference between any of the snaps... btw those exceptionally sweet pistol-heel shoes from Chanel, 2008. I wish I could just melt all the plastic pic-nik plates in my kitchen drawer and then shape them into that masterpiece.. sigh. Oh and leave me some comments... I need to improve this site so I kinda need your help.
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  1. The pictures you post are so inspiring! cant wait for more.


  2. Gorgeous pictures, love the colors!


  3. I agree, fashion doesn't really change that much, it goes in cycles. Trends are picked up from years ago and re-marketed as the new "in thing".

    Also, very interesting interpretation of art. The world would be so bland without it. The process of creating and appreciating art becomes a necessity to some as a form of expression and release.

  4. I oh-so-love these pictures! But yes, I agree that fashion doesn't change alot with all the years. It does, but then the old trends come back one day or another.

  5. i love every pictures you upload here :)

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